Calling all parents, families, and researchers of autism

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

I am a mom of autism.

A neighbor met me on my street and bragged how her son was on this awesome little league team. She then asked if my son played baseball. I mentioned his team, and she replied, “Oh that’s a terrible team, I mean you should see some of those kids!”

Ah yes, those kids! I am a parent of one of those kids, and I happen to love those terrible teams. And by terrible, I mean absolutely wonderful! Terrible-wonderful teams are inclusive, and accepting; need I say more?

Supporters of such terrible-wonderful teams started Autism Research Texas. You know why we fight and can understand our mission. The founding board consists of a dedicated doctor, an incredible nurse, and an awesome businesswoman—all of whom are moms of children with differences. Please help support our newest terrible-wonderful team, Autism Research Texas! Just to be clear research does not just apply to a person who works in a laboratory, but also to those involved in community outreach, applied behavioral therapy, and innovators helping to promote the independence of persons with autism.

Please check out our website:

Even small donations show support, and are greatly appreciated!





The mission of Autism Research Texas is to support scientists with aims to understand autism epidemiology and corresponding clinical practice, and to support scholarships for students with autism for various educational or therapeutic needs.

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