How to save important documents to your iPhone for easy access

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

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How to save important documents such as insurance documents, contracts, liens, loans and the like to your iPhone for easy access...

Perhaps, this is a bit off-topic for an Autism Research Texas blog, but I wanted to share a potential hack for documents that you wouldn’t want to lose in say a fire or flood or tornado. This works with Apple products, and I’m sorry but I don’t know if there is a similar feature on Android products. There are apps you can buy to turn photos into portable document formats (PDFs), but they’re not necessary. Just take photos of the documents you want to save, one photo per page. Make sure to edit the photos and make sure the pages are legible in the photos. Feel free to take several photos of one page with one of the overall page, and others with focus areas, such as numbers of policies or contacts to call. Once you have your photos, just select all of the photos that make up the document. Then click on the small box at the bottom […] labeled “more.” Choose “books,” the Apple Books’ icon. Voila! Your photos become a PDF book. You can name or label the book (document) by clicking the […] on the bottom right. If you open the book, you can even mark up, fill in blanks, highlight, or add your signature. These additions can be saved, and the document can then also be emailed as a PDF. Now your document is safely saved in the Apple Books app under the Books icon. If you email the document to yourself, or to anyone who might need a copy, then the document is also saved in your and their emails. As long as you can access your email or the Apple Books app, then you can also access the document.

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