Where words fail, art speaks.

This post is by Rainie Beaufouef, a 2021 scholarship recipient and artist.

Work titled: "DragMeDown" by R. Beaubouef

I’ve known that I have wanted to be a professional artist for as long as I can remember—and apparently longer than that, according to my mother, who tells me it’s been my dream ever since I could hold a pencil. Throughout my entire life, my passion for art has never faded. It has been my life’s calling, and my dreams of following it are finally coming to fruition.

Where words fail, art speaks. Through art, all kinds of things can be conveyed. I know more than most that art can be a voice for those who otherwise would not be able to fully convey their thoughts and emotions. I seek to challenge the minds of casual viewers, and inspire anyone with an interest in art to find the inner voice within and convey it however they see fit.

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