• This award will be given to a Texas program or classroom for the purchase of a need or service. 

  • The award will start out as $500; Autism ResearchTexas (ART) hopes to increase this amount over time.

  • ART will focus on institutions with missions to further the education or independence of autistic individuals. There is an ever-growing number of autistic individuals reaching adulthood who need this support. Awards may go institutions of higher education with autism centers in place, or perhaps to help establish an autism center, or to job training institutions, or to schools or centers assisting areas with need. The award may go to any program serving any age group of autistic persons within the state of Texas. The aim of these scholarships is to eventually decrease the disparity in unemployment affecting autistic individuals.

This award is now open, through August 28, 2021.

And the decision will be made on September 9, 2021.

Regarding this scholarship for needed supplies and/or services:

Please complete the following form and email to admin@autismresearchtexas.org

Note: scholarships must be used in accordance with their proposals. Autism Research Texas may make the proposed purchase on behalf of the program or classroom, or will require proof of purchase.

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Autism Research Texas does not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, or national or ethnic origin.