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Possible Sites to Help with Employment of Autistics in Texas

Disclaimer: The following links may offer employment assistance. Although most are trustworthy, it is the individual's responsibility to check out any employment possibilities. The individual assumes all risks and/or liabilities associated with utilizing any of the following links. If you are uncertain about a site or job opportunity, please ask the assistance of a trusted parent, guardian, friend, or advisor before proceeding any further. The links posted here are not endorsed by Autism Research Texas. This accumulation of links is meant to serve as a resource list.


If you would like to add a resource, please contact us.

Texas Workforce Commission, consider finding a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor,

in addition to the 4 links below, search "Texas workforce solutions + your location (i.e. Houston, East Texas, Coastal Bend...)"

nonPariel Institute


Hire Autism

Hire Autism, to search for jobs within the state of Texas

Autism at Work Program



Lime Connect, for university students and professionals with disabilities


disABLEDperson, find jobs

Disability Jobs | Jobs for Handicapped Persons | Disabled Person | Disabled Person

Exceptional Minds

Autistic Self Advocacy, uncertain if up to date

Have Dreams



Autonomy Works

Easter Seals

Potentia Workforce


Disability Rights Texas

Disability: IN

Websites Specifically for Artists:

Information for deaf and hard-of-hearing students:

Homes and centers in the San Antonio area:

US Air Force information for gamers:


Other helpful miscellaneous sites:

Driving with a disability


Mental Health Rights in the Workplace


Preparing for college

Find out how you can start preparing for higher education (including how to fund it!).

Interest in library science degrees

An online degree in library science, no GRE required #LibraryScience #NoGRE

Masters in Archival Studies, online


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