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Scholarship Recipients 2024!

On May 30, we informed 16 students they are the 2024 scholarship recipients. Help us congratulate them. Here's what they want you to know. Remember some people are private and we respect that!

1. A student from Katy who is double majoring in Creative Writing, and English with a minor in Africana Studies.

2. I am from Flower Mound Texas, and I will be studying Psychology to become a therapist or counselor. I will be studying University of North Texas.

JaidenChastain art.jpg

3. Addyson will be starting her second year at Texas A&M in the fall of 2024.  She had an amazing first year, was successful in all of her courses, and got plugged in with some great organizations.  Addy enjoyed regularly attending a Young Life small group, performing with Dance Arts Society, and volunteering as a Breakaway greeter, and plans to continue all in the next school year.  She also served as an intern for KFM Making a Difference, learning from founder, President and CEO, Kerry Magro.  


Addyson is a Telecommunications and Media Studies major, with a Graphic Design minor also Seeking Social Media Certification.


4. Logan Kelland, a student from The Woodlands, Texas, plans to study Computer Science at the University of Texas Arlington.



6.A gifted Texan interested in business and law.

7. My name is Malachi, and I am currently pursuing a Business Administration major at Texarkana College, aiming to eventually work in the field of actuaries or personal finance.

8. [wishes to remain private]

9. Lillian is a student at the University of North Texas who is working on her BA in geography and planning to get a certificate in GIS.

10. Jacob, a recent class of 2024 graduate of Canutillo High School in El Paso, Texas, is pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Psychology at New Mexico Tech. I am deeply passionate about autism and value the representation of autistic individuals in higher education. Advocating not only for myself but others is important to me. I have chosen to major in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Psychology because I have had a keen interest in engineering since I was 10 years old. Additionally, I have a strong desire to learn more about neurodivergent individuals and better understand how our brains work differently.

"therealfitfamelpaso is an Instagram social media account that I would like to be featured on for my accomplishment of receiving this scholarship."

Remember his name! An up and coming piano performer!

11.Sammy Carrillo from Humble plans to major in Piano Performance at Baylor University.

12. Kenzie: 

"I am autistic planning to study the arts."

Kenzie, artwork ART scholar 2024.jpg





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