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The mission of Autism Research Texas (ART) is to support scientists with aims to understand autism epidemiology and corresponding clinical practice and to support scholarships for autistic students for various educational or therapeutic needs.

ART's main activities are to support scientists with aims to understand and treat autism.

  • ART will issue small grants to researchers filling the many voids of autism research such as different causes, clinical applications, disparities, and transitioning to adulthood. The money will go primarily towards research costs. We will provide money to scientists/researchers/ innovators with valid research projects.

  • Through grant applications, scientists will need to demonstrate a budget to support their projects and aims. At the end of the project, a tally of costs will be requested by the Autism Research Texas. ART also will request a link to any publication, and or a written report of findings (if preliminary) to publish on this website.


Autism Research Texas will develop small grant applications from donations given to the corporation through charitable giving. Initial grants will be given in up to $5000 each to go towards research costs and only limited amounts to researchers’ salaries. Costs may include payment to an international research board for independent approval, survey incentives, publication fees, and the like. Eventually, the grant amounts may increase.

ART plans to get these grants up and running soon!

The grant application will look something like this:

Grant Proposal


Date Submitted: __________________________

Name of Primary Investigator: ______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________


Email: __________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________________________________________________________

Professional degrees: __________________________________________________________________

Credentials/Title(s):  ___________________________________________________________________





Project Title: ______________________________________________________________________________



Aims: ________________________________________________________________________________________





Research Narrative (brief background, how you will investigate the research aims, brief references):




How will you use the money?




Provide a budget (costs should not include salary, but may include a stipend not to exceed 40% of the budget. Applicable costs include research board approval, equipment, materials and supplies, materials/supplies, postage, survey incentives.):


Note: at the end of this grant period, the primary investigator must provide a written report of how the money was used and any findings, also a link to any publication (if applicable) to add to Autism Research Texas's website.

The next request for grant proposals will be on ____________(date)

With decision on __________(date)

Coming in 2022 or 2023!
[Delayed due to Covid-19]
But hope to update soon!
In the meantime, check for school assistance in sub-heading.

Autism Research Texas does not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, or national or ethnic origin.

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