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Employment Of Autistics In Texas

Opportunities in the Workplace for People with Autism

Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) should choose a profession that matches their abilities and interests. However, specific guidelines may be used as a starting point when autistic persons decide on a professional path. In this blog, we'll look at a couple of them.

Finding Work to Match Interests

The key to finding fulfilling work for those on the autistic spectrum is finding jobs that cater to their unique interests. Individuals on the autistic spectrum often have intense interests and if they can find a career in that field, they will likely do very well. Many autistics are lured to research in order to understand their interest better. Research may include a book about a historical figure or battle, or a journal article about life sciences and medicine. The world is certainly a better place for the advancements made by autistics use their intense focus to sort out a puzzle.

Other popular interests are animals, computers, games, and virtual reality. Jobs are available in all of these fields. The US Air Force is even interested in gamers and their potential ability to fly drones. Read more here:

Finding Work to Match Abilities

Autistics have different strengths which make them very employable. They often pay great attention to detail. Jobs where this is essential include security, software testers, and librarians. Many autistics are visual learners and do well in graphics and art. Others are very tactile such that jobs in making food, carpentry, or gardening/farming might be more suitable. Autistics who like concrete objective data do well in accounting and statistics. Those who are creative can become designers, artists, photographers, and work on play set designs. Many autistics show great empathy and do well working in nursing homes and or animal shelters. Others enjoy repetition and do well in assembly. Helping them identify the profession that best suits their interests and skills is vital. As with any person, sometimes it takes trying different jobs.

Some key informational resources for the Employment Of Autistics In Texas are compiled in one convenient place, and that is Autism Research Texas.

If you have any resources you would like to see added, please contact us at


Q1. What is the employment rate for people with autism?

Overall, about 30% of adult autistics hold paying jobs and work over 15 hours per week. Of autistics who graduate from vocational rehabilitation programs, sixty percent are gainfully employed. Employment rates, earnings, hours worked, and diversity in types of occupations are all still low.

Q2. Does Texas have good resources for autism?

Autism has some resources, and the good news is that resources appear to be increasing. If you or a loved one lives in Texas and has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you can get help. See our resource page (above).

Q3. What jobs are good for autistics?

Here are ten excellent career options for autistic people:

1. Computer programmer

2. Statistician or data scientist

3. Researcher

4. Equipment engineer

5. Laboratory technician

6. Mechanic

7. Factory assembly

8. Taxi driver

9. Appliance repairer

10. Shelf stocker

Q4. Is it hard to get a job with autism?

Many companies will treat autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as a disability. But even now, it can be challenging for adults with autism to secure reliable employment that pays a living wage. As the number of businesses that are willing to hire people with disabilities rises, autistic adults are beginning to have more opportunities to work.

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