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Interview with a Furry

[Please note, this is not verbatim.]

Did you know that this past March, Dallas hosted the Texas Furry Fiesta during Spring Break? It was a significant event in a crowd of approximately 8000 attendees. However, it's worth noting that not all attendees were Furries. To the uninitiated, a Furry might seem like someone donning an animal costume akin to a college or high school mascot. Yet, these costumes are far from simple—they can be intricate and expensive, ranging from $1000 to $2000+ each. So, what exactly is a Furry? Are they merely a gathering of individuals portraying mascots, or is there more to it? What drives people to embrace this identity? Curious about these questions, Autism Research Texas interviewed a Furry, particularly one who identifies as autistic. Here's what we discovered.

1.     What is a Furry? A Furry is someone who wants to explore the anthropomorphic aspect of animals.

2.     Were Furries ever mascots? Some may have been, but generally, no.

3.     Would you say that Furries are mostly outgoing or introverted? No, they are a mixture, but sure some are very outgoing.

4.     Do you feel more outgoing when you are in your costume? Yeah, maybe, it certainly is a conversation starter.

5.     What inspired you to become a Furry? For me, it was Star Fox 64, but I’ve heard from others that it was Disney’s Zootopia, or maybe Kung Fu Panda. Star Fox 64 is an old Nintendo game. But then I saw these skull dogs and I was really drawn in.

6.     Is there a skull dog or fox in Star Fox 64? No.

7.     Furries seem to be a relatively recent phenomenon. How old would you estimate the oldest Furry at the convention was? It's hard to pinpoint, but perhaps someone in their 40s.

8.      What activities did you partake in at the convention? The convention offered a variety of rooms, each hosting different panels and events.

9.     What exactly do you mean by panels? Panels are organized discussions or presentations. For instance, there are groups dedicated to specific themes like felines--they're probably the largest group. I’m a Skully, or part of the Skull Dogs, or sometimes we call ourselves the Army of the Dead.

10.  What other attractions were featured? There was an Artists' Alley and the Dealer's Den.

11.  Could you describe what those entail? Artists' Alley showcases artists whose artwork is predominantly centered around animals, sci-fi, and gaming.

12.  And what about the Dealer's Den? It's a space for vendors to showcase and sell their wares.

13.  Are there vendors who specialize in selling Furry costumes? It's possible, though I can't say for certain.

14.  Would you go again? Of course, I’m a Furry.

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